101 Hikes in the Majestic Mount Jefferson Region

Majestic Mount Jefferson! The great eroded Cascade volcano has inspired Oregonians for millennia but remains mysterious to many. Finally there is a hiking guide that unveils the mystery, a guidebook that covers only the majestic Mount Jefferson region. From the Molalla River to the Metolius River, from Table Rock to Table Lake, from Bull of the Woods to Black Butte and from Opal Creek to Olallie Country, 101 Hikes in the Majestic Mount Jefferson Region covers almost every hike in this most special of places. With high-resolution topographic maps, detailed directions and countless suggestions to extend your hikes, this is the definitive guidebook to the majestic Mount Jefferson region!

Table Rock and Bull of the Woods
1. Table Rock
2. Rooster Rock
3. Rooster Rock and Pechuck Lookout
4. Upper Molalla Divide
5. Thunder Mountain and Skookum Lake
6. Whetstone Mountain
7. Bagby Hot Springs and Silver King Lake
8. Pansy Lake / Bull of the Woods Loop
9. Bull of the Woods
10. Big Slide Lake
11. Elk Lake Creek
12. Mother Lode Loop
13. Rho Creek and Big Bottom
14. Mount Lowe

Opal Creek and Battle Ax
15. Natural Arch and Rocky Top
16. Sardine Mountain
17. Dome Rock and Tumble Lake
18. Tumble Lake
19. Elkhorn Ridge
20. Little North Santiam River
21. Henline Falls
22. Henline Mountain
23. Opal Creek
24. Whetstone Mountain Loop
25. Phantom Bridge and Opal Lake
26. French Creek Ridge
27. Battle Ax Loop
28. Battle Creek and Emerald Pool
29. Gold Butte Lookout
30. Hawk Mountain and Round Lake

Old Cascades
31. Stahlman Point and Blowout Arm
32. Coffin Mountain
33. Bachelor Mountain via Coffin Mountain Road
34. Bachelor Mountain via Bugaboo Ridge
35. Daly Lake, Parish Lake and Riggs Lake
36. Scar Mountain and the Old Cascades Crest Trail
37. Three Pyramids
38. South Pyramid Creek and the Middle Santiam River
39. Cascadia State Park
40. Rooster Rock and the Menagerie Wilderness
41. Santiam Wagon Road
42. House Rock Loop
43. Gordon Meadows
44. Iron Mountain / Cone Peak Loop
45. West Browder Ridge
46. Echo Basin and Hackleman Grove
47. Crescent Mountain
48. East Browder Ridge and Heart Lake
49. Clear Lake
50. Sahalie and Koosah Falls

Olallie Lake
51. Sisi Butte
52. Russ and Jude Lakes
53. Lodgepole Loop
54. Olallie Butte
55. Fish Lake
56. Olallie and Monon Lake Loop
57. Double Peaks and Timber Lake
58. Olallie Lake-Ruddy Hill Loop
59. Red Lake and Potato Butte
60. Breitenbush Cascades
61. Gibson Lake / Ruddy Hill Loop
62. Pyramid Butte
63. Park Ridge and Jefferson Park

Mount Jefferson West
64. Humbug Flats
65. Secrets of the Breitenbush Canyon
66. Breitenbush Hot Springs Loop
67. South Breitenbush River Trail
68. Crown and Claggett Lakes
69. Bear Point
70. Jefferson Park via South Breitenbush
71. Triangulation Peak
72. Wild Cheat Meadow and Triangulation Peak
73. Jefferson Peak via Whitewater Trail
74. Jefferson Park via Woodpecker Ridge
75. Pamelia Lake and Grizzly Peak
76. Hunts Cove Loop
77. Bingham Ridge
78. Independence Rock
79. Marion Lake
80. South Cinder Peak and the Heart of the Jeff Loop
81. Temple Lake and Marion Mountain
82. Pika and Fir Lakes
83. Duffy Lake, Santiam Lake and Eight Lakes Basin
84. Maxwell Butte
85. Berley Lakes and Santiam Lake
86. Grand Mount Jefferson Wilderness Loop

Mount Jefferson South and East
87. Three-Fingered Jack Loop
88. Blue Lake
89. Suttle Lake Loop
90. Round and Square Lakes
91. Head of Jack Creek
92. Canyon Creek Meadows
93. Rockpile Lake and South Cinder Peak
94. Carl Lake
95. Table Lake Loop
96. Jefferson Lake Trail
97. Black Butte
98. Green Ridge
99. Metolius River Trail: Canyon Creek to Wizard Falls
100. Metolius River Trail: Wizard Falls to Lower Bridge Loop
101. Metolius River Trail: Into the Horn

  • The Metolius River during wildflower season