Table Rock and Bull of the Woods

Beargrass on the slopes of Rooster Rock.

Gentian and ladybug along the Table Rock Trail.

Beautiful Rho Creek, deep in the upper reaches of the Clackamas River canyon.

  1. Table Rock

  2. Rooster Rock

  3. Pechuck Lookout and Rooster Rock

  4. Upper Molalla Divide

  5. Thunder Mountain and Skookum Lake

  6. Whetstone Mountain

  7. Bagby Hot Springs and Silver King Lake

  8. Pansy Lake and Bull of the Woods

  9. Bull of the Woods

  10. Big Slide Lake

  11. Elk Lake Creek

  12. Mother Lode Loop

  13. Rho Creek and Big Bottom

  14. Mount Lowe

The Table Rock Wilderness and the northern half of the Bull of the Woods Wilderness is where Mount Jefferson country begins. That is to say, this is where Mount Jefferson becomes the biggest, baddest and closest major peak on the horizon, and where the forest begins to change character, more closely resembling the magical forests in the Opal Creek and Breitenbush areas. The peaks in this area are rugged and the forests similarly magical, full of moss and sparkling waterfalls. But it does not come easy.

The hikes in this area are rugged, often climbing steeply from valley floors up to rocky viewpoints that stretch from the volcanoes of southwest Washington all the way south to the Three Sisters, and sometimes even further south. The area surrounding the Table Rock Wilderness is heavily logged, but the Bull of the Woods Wilderness offers some of the nicest ancient forest left in the entire Oregon Cascades. Even better, this area features one of the most comprehensive trail systems in the Cascades, offering many opportunities for longer hikes, loops and adventure. A good topographic map is a must when visiting this neck of the woods.

One thing to keep in mind when visiting this area is that many of these hikes are extremely remote and require long drives on forest roads of varying quality. Before visiting this area it is a good idea to check your car and tires to be sure everything is in working order. Do not count on your phone or your charms to get you out of a dangerous situation in this area. I recommend bringing a spare tire, a good topographic map and an ax or chainsaw every time you drive up this way. The best strategy is vigilance.