Off the Beaten Trail (2nd Edition)

Off the Beaten Trail - 2nd Edition Cover.jpg
Off the Beaten Trail - 2nd Edition Cover.jpg

Off the Beaten Trail (2nd Edition)


Are you ready to get off the beaten trail? This collection of 50 hikes explores some of the most obscure and beautiful hikes in northwest Oregon and southwest Washington. You’ll discover quiet beaches along the Oregon Coast, hike into the curious and heartbreakingly beautiful Badger Creek Wilderness, discover colossal old-growth forest deep in the Clackamas River canyon, and get up close and personal with one of Oregon’s greatest waterfalls high in the Mount Jefferson backcountry. With detailed descriptions for each hike, detailed topographic maps and pinpoint driving directions, this second edition of Off the Beaten Trail lets you discover the best hikes you never knew existed.

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List of Hikes:

  1. Gnat Creek and Beaver Falls

  2. Netarts Spit

  3. Sitka Sedge and Whalen Island

  4.  Newton Road

  5. Sandy River Park

  6. Molalla River Loop

  7. Silver Falls Backcountry Loop

  8. Horse Rock Ridge

  9. Silver Star Mountain via Starway

  10. Black Hole Falls

  11. Kalama River Loop and Goat Marsh Lake

  12. Butte Camp

  13. Cathedral Falls

  14. Lower Lewis River

  15. Indian Racetrack and Red Mountain

  16. Riley Camp

  17. Grayback Mountain

  18. Dry Creek Falls via Herman Creek

  19. Green Point Mountain via Wahtum Lake

  20. Indian Mountain

  21. Grassy Knoll

  22. Cook Hill

  23. Swale Canyon

  24. Deschutes River Trail

  25. Upper Salmon River

  26. Horseshoe Ridge

  27. Bald Mountain and Muddy Fork

  28. Owl Point

  29. Yellowjacket Point

  30. Dog River

  31. Boulder Lake and Bonney Butte

  32. Underhill Trail

  33. Fifteenmile Creek

  34. Flag Point and West Point

  35. Tygh Creek

  36. Little Badger Creek and Kinzel Cabin

  37. The Other Eagle Creek

  38. Fish Creek Mountain

  39. Black Wolf Meadows and High Rock

  40. Thunder Mountain and Skookum Lake

  41. Whetstone Mountain

  42. Bull of the Woods

  43. Elk Lake Creek

  44. Sardine Mountain

  45. Phantom Bridge and Opal Lake

  46. Hawk Mountain

  47. Ruddy Hill and Gibson Lake

  48. Bear Point

  49. Bachelor Mountain via Bugaboo Ridge

  50. Table Lake