Off the Beaten Trail

Are you ready to get off the beaten trail? This collection of 50 hikes explores some of the most obscure and beautiful hikes in northwest Oregon and southwest Washington. You’ll follow an abandoned railroad through the Coast Range, climb high up the west slope of Mount Hood to incredible wildflower meadows, discover colossal old-growth forest deep in the Clackamas River canyon and get up close and personal with one of Oregon’s greatest waterfalls high in the Mount Jefferson backcountry. With detailed descriptions of each hike and maps created using National Geographic’s Topo! series, Off the Beaten Trail lets you discover places and hikes you never knew existed.

Editors note: This is the first edition of Off the Beaten Trail. Over the 5 years since the publication of the book, some of the hikes in this book have closed due to fire, landslides and land ownership changes. A second edition with new and different hikes and improved maps will be released in March 2019.


Hikes (closed hikes in italics):

  1. Newton Road Loop
  2. St. Johns Bridge Loop
  3. Upper Salmonberry River (closed to access as of 2016)
  4. Lower Salmonberry River (closed to access as of 2016)
  5. Netarts Spit
  6. Valley of the Giants (roads are frequently closed due to logging operations)
  7. Marys Peak
  8. Silver Star Mountain via Starway
  9. Black Hole Falls
  10. Goat Marsh Lake
  11. Butte Camp
  12. Cave and Curly Falls (closed to access as of 2014)
  13. Quartz Creek
  14. Indian Racetrack and Red Mountain
  15. Lookingglass Lake
  16. Rock of Ages Ridge (closed due to Eagle Creek Fire, September 2017)
  17. Wauneka Point (closed due to Eagle Creek Fire, September 2017)
  18. Ruckel Ridge (closed due to Eagle Creek Fire, September 2017)
  19. Dry Creek Falls via Herman Creek (closed due to Eagle Creek Fire, September 2017)
  20. Indian Mountain (closed due to Eagle Creek Fire, September 2017)
  21. Bald Butte
  22. Stacker Butte
  23. Swale Canyon
  24. Deschutes River Trail
  25. Horseshoe Ridge
  26. Yocum Ridge
  27. Bald Mountain via Lolo Pass
  28. Owl Point
  29. Boulder Lake Loop
  30. Fifteenmile Creek
  31. Flag Point and West Point
  32. Tygh Creek
  33. Kinzel Cabin
  34. White River Falls
  35. The Other Eagle Creek
  36. Fish Creek
  37. Fish Creek Mountain
  38. Mount Mitchell
  39. Thunder Mountain
  40. Whetstone Mountain
  41. Bull of the Woods
  42. Elk Lake Creek
  43. Henline Falls
  44. Battle Ax
  45. Hawk Mountain
  46. Ruddy Hill
  47. Bear Point
  48. Jefferson Park via South Breitenbush
  49. Wild Cheat Meadow and Triangulation Peak (Closed due to Whitewater Fire, July 2017)
  50. Table Lake


  • Basin Lakes