Columbine along the Saddle Mountain Trail.

Chinook Falls is a logical stopping point on the Siouxon Creek Trail.

Ponderosa pines line the Fifteenmile Creek Trail.

  1. Saddle Mountain

  2. Marys Peak

  3. Siouxon Creek

  4. Angels Rest

  5. Larch Mountain

  6. Green Point Mountain

  7. Burnt Lake

  8. Fifteenmile Creek

  9. Rooster Rock

  10. Dome Rock

June is one of the most beautiful months of the year but also perhaps the most frustrating. You’ve waited all year for the gorgeous weather of June, but sometimes all you get is more rain and cool weather (a phenomenon known locally as “Junuary”). At least the days are long, and on sunny days, it feels like the world is your oyster, like you can do anything at all. The hikes presented here offer a vast array of experiences, terrains and difficulty levels. There are wildflower hikes on the high peaks of the Coast Range, several scenic hikes in the Columbia River Gorge, beautiful streamside hikes in the Cascades and long treks to two of the most interesting summits in the mountains southeast of Portland. Some of these hikes are easy enough that almost any hiker can do them; others are among the most difficult in this book. The hikes to the summit of Larch Mountain, Rooster Rock and Dome Rock are excellent for conditioning but are worthy goals in their own right.

Preparing for hikes in June can be an exercise in frustration. While it might be tempting to switch into your summer clothing, grab your light pack and go out with little on your body, you must still prepare as though it were winter. Snow is still a possibility above 4,000 feet even in June, and you may encounter snow left over from the long winter on several of these hikes if you visit earlier in June. The aforementioned “Junuary” days are particularly
deflating, as you wish summer would just hurry up and get here. You should always pack rain gear, an extra pair of socks and extra food and water just in case your day is longer than anticipated. And yes, you should always check the weather forecast before you leave the house - knowledge is power.